Prius Info

1MIT Technology Review, April 2004MIT Technology Review.pdf508 kb
2Toyota Prius Advertisement-12 pagesPrius-2004_Special-Advertisment-Pamphlet.pdf2,538 kb
3Toyota-24 pages-Fundamental Principles Very DescriptiveTHS_II.pdf1,573 kb
4ORNL Interim Report-Pictures of the disassembled drive systemORNL_TM-2004_247_EvaluationHybridElectricDriveSystem.pdf602 kb
5Power Split Device: This is in place of a transmission. It connects the engine and two motors to the wheels.psd+pepsi_can.pdf21 kb
6Two page information sheetPrius_Info-Sheet.pdf (,609 kb
7One page information sheetPrius_Mini-Sheet.pdf (,066 kb
8Summary of Prius energy flowPrius_Energy-Flow.pdf ( kb
9One page description of the Power Split DevicePrius_Power-Split-Device.pdf ( kb
10Instructions for Uploading Phonebook from Laptop to PriusUploading Phonebook from laptop to Prius.doc815 kb
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